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Contact Us? A Brief Rant

If you choose to have a contact us form, you should also choose to answer the submissions.

You have your new fresh, flat design...
You have your new CMS of the month...
You have your social media strategy in place liking and tweeting all over the place...

Then why don't you answer my contact us submission? You placed it on your page. Inviting me to ask questions. You say I am so important to you. Well, not answering my submission makes me feel differently.

Some businesses are failing in their web presence. They have a standard design. With the standard design comes generally a contact us page. This contact us page usually always has a form to submit questions or comments. With this form comes great responsibility... well at the least you need to ensure you are monitoring your submissions and responding back.

So what to do about my contact us page?
Keep your contact us page. If you do not have one, you should get one. How else are you going to easily let your users know how to interact with you? Yes some will argue that social media is the new norm and that is how you should interact. I disagree, I feel you need to offer many ways in which to interact with users. Social media, your website, your contact us page; they are all part of a larger strategy. More about that some other time.

So what should be on my contact us page?
Whatever makes sense to YOUR business and whatever YOU will be able to maintain and respond to. Technically, you do not need a contact us form. I would recommend if you do not plan on monitoring your email and responding back to submissions, then do not have a contact us form. Provide another means in which to interact with users. Try listing phone numbers, hours of operation, maps, addresses, email addresses on the contact us page. Basically, select what makes sense for YOUR website and what YOU are willing to maintain and follow through.

If you need help with this or other contact page related questions / issues or just want to say hello contact iWAT. I am pretty sure they will respond to your email... or maybe they will think about responding after they have read this post...

by Dan McCleary October 20, 2013 - 9:09pm