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Microsoft Who?

Trying to go from Geek to Sheek....

I recently was reading and article that was discussing the merits, well lack there of, surrounding Windows 8. For several years, I have been wondering what is going on with Microsoft. I think Microsoft is trying very hard to be relevant again. This quest has resulted in them missing the mark all together, several times, and they don't realize that they are relevant in certain spaces like corporations (where the big money is). These efforts have created more issues and dissatisfaction in that space, ironically making them less relevant and leaving companies looking for alternatives. I have spent over 15 years working in the IT industry with Windows in small and large businesses. I am all about progression and making things better. But don't try and put a square peg in a round hole. Tablets & phones are fundamentally different devices and have different use cases than laptops & desktops. So from that standpoint they should optimize the usage of each in different ways.

To that end, lets step back and ask how many Mac users have migrated to windows because they were dissatisfied with the Mac operating system, not many. How many people get fed up with Microsoft continuing to change the user interface and making the product harder to use and decide to switch to a Mac, or Linux or hold on for dear life to Windows XP. I for one have made the blissful switch to Mac and know many people who have, just because the learning curve for Window 8 is higher for them than a Mac. Microsoft you are missing the mark and trying to much to emulate others and not embrace what has made you the great company you once were. Retail is fickle, watch out, your products will be old news before they make the news.  

by Robert Fulcher August 30, 2013 - 7:23am