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Our BzB Productivity Tool is a simple, easy-to-use online application that helps staff and clients manage and track day-to-day tasks, issues, contacts, and time. Start today and get on track and organized. Contact us about getting you setup and using BzB Productivity Tool.

Productivity through Simple Software!

BzB Productivity Tool gives you benefits of Software and as Service (SaaS). Being the SaaS provider, you benefit from us managing the site's availability with NO IT infrastructure to buy, build, or maintain. NO updates, upgrades, or patches to download and install. We take care of this for you. All you have to worry about is using the tool. NO additional hardware, software, or bandwidth as your user base grows. We can even work with you to potentially customize certain aspects of the tool to work for you.

Have the Benefits of iWAT and Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • ONLY need an internet connection to access and start working.
  • We maintain and manage the tool. You just use it.
  • Ready for mobile use.
  • We here at iWAT use our own product!
  • Potential to customize certain aspects of the tool to meet your needs*

* Customization requires a contract and additional costs contact us for details

Keep Track and "BEE" Productive

The BzB Productivity Tool helps you adapt to your productivity and business needs. Select the modules that suit your business and productivity needs.

  • Customize

    -- Select the modules and optional modules that best fit your needs.

  • Issue Tracking

    -- Manage your issues through the BzB issue tracking module.

  • Time Tracking

    -- Manage and track billable and normal time for support tickets, tasks, and notes.

  • Companies

    -- Manage your company profiles, customers, and clients.

  • Customers and Contacts

    -- Manage your contacts, customers, and vendors.

  • Tasks

    -- Create, manage, and assign tasks to reach your goals.

  • Knowledge Base

    -- Manage and organize your articles, lessons learned, and business documents.

  • Client Support

    -- Help clients help themselves by utilizing the client side support tool. Clients can view issues and submit support tickets.

  • Help Desk

    -- Efficiently track customer and client issues.

  • Project Management

    -- Powerful and efficient project management.  Keep your jobs on task and maximize charge captures for service and inventory items.

  • Reports

    -- Simple and effective report writing with export to excel.

  • Inventory Management

    -- Manage inventory and quickly and easily use items on project and help desk tickets.

  • Invoicing

    -- Maximize your billing and minimize the time it takes you by using our integrated charge capture system to create invoices quickly and easily

  • Point of Sale

    -- COMING SOON!!!!

Customize BzB to Your Business!

Using an off the shelf application that does not fit your business needs can be a big challenge. At BzB we know the value of a well performing application that helps you do business the way you need to do it. We can customize the application to fit your business needs and help streamline processes. Please contact us for more information.