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iWAT offers Computer Virtualization services.

Computer Virtualization Service

Do you have an older computer or server that is slow and out of date? Do you need to upgrade your computer but don’t have the disks to reinstall the software? Do you have so much on your older computer that you cringe at the thought of migrating all of the information to a new computer?

Old Computer >> Virtualization >> Less Stress

iWAT can help solve these issues with keeping up to date software and hardware. iWAT can take your old, slow, outdated computer, and make an exact copy of it, creating a “Virtual Instance”. This new Virtual Instance can be installed onto a new computer and run inside a newer, faster and updated version of windows or other operating system. This will allow you to convert software and data from your old computer to your new computer at your own pace.

So what is Virtualization? It is the running of a computer operating system as a program on a computer, similar to running an application like a web browser or word processor. In other words, it’s like having a copy of your old computer right on your new computer.

Benefits of virtualization

  • Performance Improvements
  • Enhanced antivirus and backup
  • Upgraded and reliable hardware
  • Best of both worlds with your new operating system and your old one
  • Switch between your old programs and new ones
  • Run a wide array of operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux