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iWAT offers intranet development and consultation services.

Intranet Development

Businesses spend time and resources managing and tracking data and information. This time takes aways from tasks that they need to perform to generate revenue. When you are drowning in spreadsheets, documents, and paper we help you save time and generate that revenue by organizing your data within an Intranet developed site. By developing an Intranet website, you enable your staff to more easily organize and find information. Decrease the amount of time spent calling around to find a particular document or spreadsheet. Increase your productivity through easier access to your business informational needs. An intranet solution encompasses many terms to include intranet, portal, or extranet. To us, we feel an intranet is in a sense a productivity tool.

Create self-service information and increase communication for your company via an Intranet solution.

Potential solutions we can provide you include but not limited to the areas of:

  • Dashboards - provide important information for daily review.
  • Assignments - create assignments for jobs and tasks to allow for a review of work to be completed.
  • Discussions - topic or forum related discussion threads.
  • Contact listing - list customers and contacts in a searchable lookup.
  • Employee information - list employee information for easy retrieval and allow for self-updating for employee information (phone numbers, addresses) for greater accuracy.
  • Document storage and retrieval - manage necessary business documents (procedure manuals, MSDS, parts lists etc.) in searchable lists and repositories.
  • Time records - have staff maintain time to allow for payroll and invoicing.
  • Updates - provide time sensitive updates regarding business news and/or operations.

Intranets allow you to provide a higher level of customer service and decrease your administrative overhead. Our intranet solutions can be tailored to fit your environment and individual business needs. Your needs will determine your appropriate Intranet solution. If you require a hosted solution read more about our very own custom Bizzy Bee Productivity Tool.