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iWAT offers systems integration services.

System Integration

We specialize in migrating data and information from one system to another. This can be a one time conversion or several scheduled events.

Extract >> Transform >> Load

We can extract data, transform the data accordingly to business needs, and load the data into another system. Our skilled staff has worked on almost every type of system available from current to legacy based systems.

Benefits of our team

  • Knowledge - our extensive knowledge of various systems.
  • Industries - we have worked with various data from several industries to include manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, education, and communication industries.
  • Software knowledge - We have various software knowledge to include Java, .Net etc.
  • Hardware knowledge - We have knowledge in hardware to include web server and database server installation, setup and maintenance. Virtual server and wireless network setup and maintenance.
  • Problem solving skills - We have experience in using our problem solving skills to find simple solutions for various needs…