iWAT provides structured cabling solutions to support high-speed voice and data communication networks. Our professionals ensure that the cabling in your company is completed expertly to support other systems within your network.

The rapid expansion of technology has increased the demand for complex structured cabling solutions for voice, data, audio, and security infrastructures. A well-organized cabling installation is critical for building a robust and reliable telecommunications system for your organization. This can help improve your telecommunications services and facilitates data transmission across secure networks.

Our structured cabling services comply with the relevant standards and practices. Moreover, we consider the specific requirements of your space to deliver solutions that meet your immediate and future communication needs.

iWAT Cabling Services

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic cabling is increasingly becoming a popular choice for high-performance connections. It provides high bandwidth, making it ideal for backbone connections within localized networking systems. Unlike copper cables, fiber cables are immune to surge problems and lightning and provide high bandwidth speed. At iWAT, we install and maintain single-mode & multi-mode fiber cabling. Fiber optic cabling is suitable for:
● Companies that need flexible installation solutions
● Extremely high-speed environments
● Organizations specializing in the computing and communications sector
● Applications that require high speed, increased distance, safe, and secure options

Voice and Data Cabling

The system design, installation, the quality of cabling, testing procedures, and the service provider you choose can make a difference between building an effective network and one that’s unreliable and prone to numerous problems.
This is because modern networks are designed to transmit great amounts of information at very high speeds. Thus, a well-built data and voice cabling network are essential to your business. At iWAT, we follow rigorous data installation and testing procedures to build flexible and scalable structures.

Ethernet Wiring Services

Ethernet cables are widely used in wired networks to connect devices like phones, network switches, computers, and local routers in most LANs – local area networks. These cables are faster and more reliable than other options. iWAT installs high-performance Ethernet wiring to match your speed and data transmission needs. To create a properly-organized Ethernet wiring, we consider many factors, including:
● The size of the area that needs wiring and the number of ports required
● Cable paths
● The central point for the network distribution system

Network Cabling

Network cabling infrastructure is an essential part of any office environment. It creates an interconnected workspace that fosters communication processes. However, it helps choose the correct network cabling solution to provide the desired connectivity and performance. A skilled network cabling service provider can also help ensure your connection is done perfectly. The experts at iWAT will deliver the following solutions:
● Professional network cabling installation
● Cabling services to new buildings, such as schools, hospitals, data centers, and more
● High-quality components
● Upgrade current infrastructure
● Provisioning and maintenance

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