Cloud Backups

At iWAT, we offer affordable, convenient, and cost-effective online data backup solutions, both for individuals and for commercial clients.

Online cloud backups are the best way to safeguard your critical data, and ensure that you never lose access to important documents, data, or other files. Learn more about the power of cloud backups below, and get started with iWAT today.

Protect Yourself From The Unexpected

When you partner with iWAT for online backups, your files are kept safe and secure in an off-site, cloud-based server, where they can always be accessed and retrieved. Your data will be updated regularly, ensuring that you’re protected from:

Viruses and Malware

Viruses can disrupt your computer and destroy your files, or require you to wipe the computer to reinstall your operating system, which can cause data loss.


Ransomware encrypts your files, holding them for “ransoms,” which can often be tens of thousands of dollars.

Hardware Failure

If a hard drive, solid state drive, or other important component of a computer or server fails, this could result in catastrophic data loss.

Accidental Damage

Drops and spills can damage storage media, resulting in loss of mission-critical files.


You may never be able to recover a computer that’s stolen, or just lost or misplaced, so theft or loss represents a serious data risk.

Get Started Today With iWAT

If you’re ready to start protecting your data with iWAT, contact us right away to learn more about our services, pricing, and further details – and make sure your most important data is always protected.

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