System Cleanup

Over time, unnecessary data and programs start to clutter up even the fastest computers, and can severely impact their performance. The solution is a system cleanup from iWAT.

Just like a car needs an occasional oil change and tune-up, chances are that your computer could also benefit from regular system cleanups. We’ll make sure your computer is free of malware and viruses, and that it’s running as quickly and reliably as possible. Learn more below!

What Is A System Cleanup?

A comprehensive system cleanup from iWAT usually includes the following things:

Virus, Malware, and Spyware Removal

Today’s viruses and malware can be very hard to detect, and could seriously compromise the performance of your computer, or even steal your personal information. We clean and remove all viruses and malware, and can even install antivirus software to protect you in the future.

Temporary File Deletion

Temporary files are used by your computer for a variety of tasks, but can be safely deleted, potentially freeing up a lot of storage space, and making our computer more efficient.

Startup Programs/Program Removal

Some programs start up automatically when your computer starts, which can slow it down. We can disable this functionality, and also remove programs and apps that you are not using, which results in better performance.

Windows Updates

Updates help keep your computer secure, and also enhance its speed and efficiency, so we always run regular Windows updates as part of our system cleanup services.

Registry Cleaning

Cleaning the registry, which often contains unused files from uninstalled programs, can prevent Windows errors, and speed up your computer.

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