Hardware & Software Procurement Services

Not sure where to start when upgrading your hardware, software, and IT infrastructure? At iWAT, we specialize in hardware and software procurement services.

Our team of expert procurement specialists can help evaluate, spec out, and purchase all of the items you need to set up a new office, or to upgrade your existing IT technologies. From servers to desktops, wireless networking equipment, and more, we do it all. Learn more about our services below.

Our Procurement Process – Understanding What We Do

Interested in learning more about our hardware and software procurement process? Here’s how it works.

Assessment and Analysis

Our first task is to develop a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, software, and hardware – as well as the goals of your IT project.

This allows us to understand your unique, individual needs, and make the appropriate purchasing decision.

Budgeting and Prioritization

After our assessment, we will present you with an estimated budget for the required hardware and software. After you review this assessment, we will work together with you to develop a reasonable budget for the project, and prioritize the most important equipment and software upgrades.

Procurement and Installation

We have a deep network of hardware and software providers. Due to our relationship with these distributors, we can obtain high-quality software and hardware at deep discounts – saving you money.

After we’ve purchased your equipment, we can turn it over to your IT team for installation, or you can use our IT staff to install, setup, and update your new products.

Support and Maintenance

We offer support and maintenance services for all of the products that we sell. Whether you’re interested in L1 and L2 remote support, on-site support, or IT managed services, we can provide you with all of the IT support and maintenance services that you need.

Contact Us Today – Let Us Help With Equipment Procurement Services

Whether you’re looking to replace your outdated servers, upgrade user desktops, or procure any other kind of hardware or software, iWAT can help. With our expertise and network of equipment vendors, you can get the best price on all kinds of equipment. Contact us now for a quote, and to get started with our procurement process.

Our Solutions

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