Network Infrastructure Installation and Services

If you are moving to a new office building, you’re renovating your existing office, or you need a new network installed for any other reason, iWAT is the perfect partner for the process.

Our team of tech-savvy IT experts has years of experience when it comes to setting up network infrastructure. From the installation of server racks, to wiring and re-routing network cables, to setting up desktops, routers, and more, we do it all. Learn more about our services now.

Our Network Infrastructure Installation Process

No network is the same – and no two companies have the same needs. That’s why we use a four-step installation process to ensure the best possible results.


Our process begins with an overall assessment of your building, existing infrastructure, hardware, and your business goals – as well as the ISPs available to you. Our comprehensive assessment will help us outline a budget, and a clear action plan for the implementation of your network.


After our assessment, we will design a bespoke network system that’s built for maximum throughput, efficiency, and reliability. Our network designers focus on efficiency and uptime, so you can trust us to build a responsive and powerful network.


We take care of every aspect of installing your network. From the setup of server racks, to routing Ethernet cables, setting up switches, routers and modems, desktop computers, and more.


Our job isn’t over after we’ve cleaned up our dust, and turned on your network. We offer comprehensive network support and management services.

We Offer Network Management And Maintenance Services

We offer a proactive network management services with 24/7 responsiveness. You can trust us to take care of your most mission-critical business systems and enterprise applications. If there is ever a network outage, our team of technical experts will quickly diagnose the issue – and ensure that it is resolved, and does not recur.

In addition, our proactive network monitoring services allow us to stop potential problems before an outage occurs – which prevents downtime altogether. Our services are available for a set monthly fee, providing you with a great value, and peace of mind.

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Whether you need to set up a new network, rewire your existing network, or you just need comprehensive network support services, we’re here to help. Contact us now, and get started with iWAT today!


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