EDR Software

Using EDR software, the iWAT team can create policies and deployments to remediate threats without signature definition updates. We will first evaluate your business to understand your security needs and then develop an integrated security solution that aligns with your goals.

Standard endpoint security techniques such as anti-virus software applications aren’t enough for the volume of complicated risks found today. EDR allows us to identify and effectively react to quickly, and recover from, cyber attacks.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint protection detects malicious activity and protects computer networks including servers, desktops, and mobile devices from intrusions and malware attacks. Here are reasons why using EDR software is beneficial:

1. AI-Based Protection

EDR offers automation and AI-data points capabilities for ransom protection. The functionalities can enable us to identify cyber-attack threats and plan how to respond.

2. Real-Time Threat Data

A threat overview and timeline function allows us to monitor attacks while demonstrating to your customers that your devices are safe.

3. Roll Back Devices

EDR offers another significant feature that allows you to roll back your Windows-based devices should ransomware strike. When an attack occurs, the EDR advanced AI engine can identify and alert staff to the situation quickly.

4. EDR Integration

We can help you integrate EDR into your security systems for protection. That can help us track and manage your business and client’s endpoints.

Safeguard Your Security Systems Against Ransomware with EDR Software

Ransomware attacks surged by 50% in 2020 and were named one of the leading malware threats for 2021.
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Increase of Ransomware Attacks since 2021


of Businesses Have a Cybersecurity Plan in Place


of hackers attempted to infect backup repositories

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iWAT security experts can help you integrate EDR into your security systems for protection. That can help you track and manage your business and client’s endpoints. Complete our online form or call us at (717) 264-2434 to to learn how we can safeguard your security systems against ransomware.


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