At iWAT, we are thrilled to announce our recent membership with the Cumberland Valley Business Alliance (CVBA), marking a significant milestone in our commitment to community engagement and business excellence.

About CVBA:

CVBA is a dynamic collaboration between the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce and Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce. Functioning as the largest business advocacy organization in the Cumberland Valley region, CVBA is dedicated to fostering prosperity and enhancing the quality of life for businesses and residents alike.

Why CVBA Matters:

Serving nearly 1,000 businesses, CVBA operates on a unique partnership model. It allows individual chambers to maintain their distinct identity in Chambersburg and Greencastle-Antrim while collectively amplifying the voice of local businesses. Governed by their respective boards of directors, each chamber retains a local presence, ensuring a community-centric approach to business advocacy.

Benefits of CVBA Membership:

As proud members of CVBA, iWAT gains automatic membership in both the Chambersburg and Greencastle-Antrim chambers, streamlining access to an array of business benefits. This includes:

Streamlined Communication: Enjoy seamless communication with the broader CVBA audience through newsletters, e-blasts, and directories.

Enhanced Access: Avail greater access to business training, programs, and resources, empowering iWAT with cutting-edge knowledge and tools.

Networking Opportunities: Participate in special combined events designed for increased networking, fostering valuable connections within the regional business community.

Expanded Services: Experience an expansion of member services and benefits, tailored to boost the growth and success of iWAT.

Our Commitment:

Being part of CVBA aligns seamlessly with iWAT’s core values. We believe that by actively engaging with local chambers and businesses, we contribute to the collective prosperity of the Cumberland Valley region. This partnership not only opens doors to enhanced resources but also reinforces our dedication to community-driven business solutions.

As we embark on this exciting journey with CVBA, iWAT looks forward to actively participate in community-based events, collaborating with fellow members, and contributing to the thriving business ecosystem of the Cumberland Valley.

Stay tuned for updates on our collaborative initiatives and the positive impact we aim to create as proud members of the Cumberland Valley Business Alliance!