Two Success Stories in Security Upgrades

Jun 20, 2024 | Security

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need efficient, reliable, and secure access control systems. Two local companies faced unique challenges that were effectively resolved through the implementation of modern, keyless door access solutions. Here’s a look at how these solutions transformed their operations. 

Transforming Access for a Local Lawn Care Company 

The Challenge 

Our first project was for a local lawn care company dealing with two major issues: 

  1. Frequent Re-keying Due to Employee Turnover: Traditional locks required costly and time-consuming re-keying whenever employees left the company.
  2. Specific Access Control Needs: The company needed to grant specific access to different locations for different employees, ensuring only authorized personnel could enter certain areas. 

    The Solution 

    To address these challenges, we installed a keyless door access system, which eliminated the need for physical keys. This system allowed the company to: 

    Assign Unique Access Codes: Each employee received a unique access code. 

    Customize Access Permissions: Different employees had access to only the areas relevant to their roles. 

    Easily Update or Revoke Access: Access permissions could be updated or revoked without the need to re-key locks. 

    The result was a significant reduction in costs and administrative overhead, along with enhanced security and convenience. 

    Enhancing Security for a Local Indoor Remote Control Car Track 

    The Challenge 

    Our second project involved a local indoor remote control car track that faced the following challenges: 

    1. Managing Member Access: They were using an off-the-shelf doorknob with a keypad, which was limited and cumbersome for maintaining individual PIN codes for each member.
    2. Installation on a Stone Façade: The track had a stone façade, complicating the installation of a new access system. 

      The Solution 

      We provided a keyless door access system that streamlined member access and offered additional security features. Key elements of the installation included: 

      Issuing Cards and Fobs to Members: These were combined with a PIN code for enhanced security. 

      Custom Mount for Stone Installation: We scanned the stone installation location and 3D printed a custom mount that fit perfectly over the stone, ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing installation. 

      This tailored approach ensured that the track could manage member access efficiently while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of their building. 

      Final Thoughts 

      Both projects highlight the importance of modern, adaptable access control solutions. Whether it’s managing employee turnover or maintaining member access in a challenging installation environment, keyless door access systems provide the flexibility and security today’s businesses need. By leveraging technology, we can create customized solutions that enhance security, reduce costs, and simplify access management. 

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