What Is Brick Finder?

 Brick Finder is a PHP and JS WordPress plugin designed to support the restoration of the Stewart Hall at Shippensburg University.

 The plugin was developed for the Shippensburg University Foundation specifically for their restoration efforts. Through this plugin, donors can identify their personalized brick and trace a map of their own involvement in this initiative.

 How Does Brick Finder Work?

The plugin itself is easily installed into any WordPress platform in a matter of minutes and requires minimal backend maintenance to carry out its role. WordPress managers simply have to upload a custom map, indicator icon, and CSV file into the plugin, and the tool takes care of the rest.

The tool allows site managers to choose which data points from the CSV file are searchable, and what information to showcase on the front end to the donors.

How Does Brick Finder Work for Donors?

If a person made a donation to the Shippensburg University Foundation, they are redirected to a special page on the foundation’s website.

The page includes a map of the newly paved Stewart Hall pathway and a search bar where the donor can type in their name or a term in their brick description in order to get the general location of the bricks they have donated to the project.

What Are the Benefits of Brick Finder?

When the Shippensburg University Foundation launched its project to restore Stewart Hall, they needed a way to engage potential donors on campus in order to motivate them to donate and support the initiative.

Brick Finder has proved a major asset in helping the foundation reach its goals by providing a convenient way for donors to trace their support in real life.

Some benefits of the Brick Finder Plugin include:

  • Convenience – Instead of creating a traditional map of where each brick donated goes, Brick Finder easily identifies this information whenever the donor wishes to access it. This helped the foundation get a more convenient way to engage with donors after they’ve given their support;
  • Easy maintenance – Brick Finder is a simple tool that can be installed on any WordPress website, by any site manager. The goal was to create a tool that requires little-to-no hassle for installation and maintenance;
  • Donor fulfillment – Donors who wish to see how their support translated in real life can use Brick Finder to identify the location of their personalized brick, and even see it in real life in the pathway. The map generated by our tool helps increase donor satisfaction and even encourages them to continue their support.

A Personalized WordPress Solution

Brick Finder was developed specifically for the Shippensburg University Foundation as a way to support its goals. The plugin’s main features and even elements of UX and UI design were specifically tailored-made for the foundation.

To learn more about Brick Finder, contact iWAT today.