Has your business been hit by ransomware? Ransomware is one of the most worrying cyber threats with a huge potential for damage. The sad part is that this type of malware is on the rise. The ever-evolving technology and the COVID-19 pandemic are said to have contributed to the recent spike in ransomware.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware developed to encrypt files or systems to deny a user or company access to the files on their devices. Malicious attackers then demand a ransom payment in exchange for the decryption key. Advanced ransomware variants have included additional capabilities like data theft.

Ransomware has become a growing concern for businesses across various industries. These attacks surged by 50% in 2020 and were named one of the leading malware threats for 2021. In Q3 2021, ransomware attack reports increased by 140%.

If you’re looking to protect yourself or your business against ransomware, the iWAT team can help. They have a wealth of knowledge and industry experience and can deliver superior technology solutions to protect your business against this threat.

The iWAT team uses EDR software to mitigate ransomware fast and efficiently. Here is how the EDR service from iWAT can help your business:

  • Analyze Cybersecurity Threats

EDR offers automation and AI-data points capabilities for ransom protection. The functionalities can enable you to identify cyber-attack threats and plan how to respond. Furthermore, the threat overview and timeline function allow your IT team to monitor attacks while demonstrating to your customers that their devices are safe.

  • Upgrade Traditional AV

iWAT can use EDR software to upgrade your endpoint security to protect against emerging threats. This allows techs to respond to ransomware attacks three times faster than traditional AV. As a result, you will cut your downtime when threats occur.

  • Enhance Efficiency

Using EDR software, the iWAT team can create policies and deployments to remediate threats without signature definition updates. We will first evaluate your business to understand your security needs and then develop an integrated security solution that aligns with your goals.

  • Roll Back Computer Systems When Ransomware Attacks

EDR offers another significant feature that allows you to roll back your Windows-based devices should ransomware strike. When an attack occurs, the EDR advanced AI engine can identify and alert staff to the situation quickly. This can allow for the rollback of infected devices to their previous non-infected state within seconds or a few minutes.

  • EDR Integration

iWAT security experts can help you integrate EDR into your security systems for protection. That can help you track and manage your business and client’s endpoints.

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