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30 December
Mobility is a Must
by Robert Fulcher

There are 2.1 billion mobile web users in the world. The country with the most mobile users is the United States, with 62.5 Million users....

20 October
Contact Us? A Brief Rant
by Dan McCleary

If you choose to have a contact us form, you should also choose to answer the submissions.

29 September
My iWATCH Wish
by Robert Fulcher

I find my first thought of an iWATCH initially displeasing, mostly from the size standpoint. As I think about it more and more, the hype is penetrating my subconscious, and it could potentially be a very useful tool.

30 August
Microsoft Who?
by Robert Fulcher

Trying to go from Geek to Sheek....

16 July
Your Identity Starts With You
by Robert Fulcher

Social media is a great tool but should only be used as an add on to your main web site.