iWAT’s 3D Printing Collaboration with RC Engines

Feb 28, 2024 | Hardware, News

We’re excited to share a recent collaboration with RC Engines, where we leveraged our 3D printing technology to enhance their door security system. The project kicked off with a scan of RC Engines’ door frames, providing us with precise measurements and details needed for the customization process. With this data, we designed a specialized adapter to seamlessly integrate a keypad lock into their existing door setup. Our team utilized advanced CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software to model an adapter that not only ensures a perfect fit for RC Engines’ unique door frames but also complements the overall aesthetic.

Once the design was finalized and approved, we utilized our 3D printer to bring the adapter to life. High-quality materials were chosen to guarantee durability and resilience, ensuring the adapter would withstand various environmental conditions. The efficiency of the 3D printing process allowed for a quick turnaround while maintaining precision and accuracy, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual adjustments.

Upon completion, the custom 3D printed adapter seamlessly integrated with RC Engines’ door frames, providing a secure foundation for the newly implemented keypad lock. This collaborative effort not only enhances the security of RC Engines’ premises but also highlights the innovative applications of 3D printing technology in solving unique challenges.

We not only provided RC Engines with a door access system, handled all the cable setup and configuration but also went the extra mile by crafting a customized 3D printed solution to seamlessly integrate their keypad with the existing door frame. This project with RC Engines shows how our 3D printing at iWAT is super flexible and can be adapted to fit exactly what a client needs. We’re all about making custom solutions that work for our clients.